I sit on man's back

chocking him and

making him to carry me,

and yet assure myself and others

that I am very sorry for him

and wish to lighten his load

by all possible means -

except by getting off his back.

                                              - Tolstoy.

While Covid pandemic has put the world in an unprecedented public health crisis, it has also exposed the crisis of inequality, discrimination and injustice across the world - from USA to India. Covid has exposed political leaders and policy makers; Covid has reminded the neglected people in the fourth world who struggle to survive.

The 'lockdown' in India left hundreds of thousands of migrant workers stranded in towns and cities - many walked along railway tracks for weeks to return their home villages. Also, despite lockdown people across cities in the world were in streets with 'Black Lives Matter' placards to protest the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Covid is a reminder of the world we live in.


While India has become another super-power and is known as the 'largest democracy' in the world, the inside story is different. The hunger of people in villages, the indiscriminate mining displacing people from their own lands, and the unlawful arrests of lawyers, academics and social activists go unnoticed amidst the propaganda of India's economic boom.