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Ekta Niketan was set up by Janet Ganguli, a British nurse, who lived and worked in a remote tribal village in India during 1970-80s. She trained village health workers and set up a health centre in the middle of the village.

Established in 1983, Ekta Niketan is now run by a group of villagers. Health workers have been trained to diagnose and treat TB and the centre has turned into a popular TB centre in the area. Patients come to Ekta Niketan from far away villages on foot, some by buses or trains and then walk for miles to reach the centre.


Each year in the month of May, patients and families gather at the centre in memory of its founder Janet Ganguli.

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Health workers at Ekta Niketan TB Centre now respond to Covid pandemic; they collect rice from villagers to distribute to families who would otherwise find hard to cope with in the coming months.


Under an Indian Sky - Ten years in a Bihar village' by Janet Ganguli, describes life in villages around Ekta Niketan.

A Penguil publication, the book is now out of print. For an e-version of the book, please contact us.

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