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The spread of Tuberculosis (TB) in adivasi (tribal) and other marginalised communities in India is a serious public health concern. TB kills a whole family in remote rural areas – it cripples adult earning members there who form India’s major work force - daily-wage earners working in mines, industries, on roads and bridges, and building sites in cities.


According to the Global TB Report 2019, about 10 million people estimated to have developed TB in 2018, of which 27% of cases were in India alone, followed by China (9%) and Indonesia (8%). The spread of TB and MDR-TB in India is a global concern. Of the three countries (India, China and the Russian Federation) that accounted about half of the MDR and/or Rifampicin-resistant TB in that year, India contributed the most.


In India, 449,000 people died of TB in 2018, according to the Global TB Report 2019 published by WHO.


It is estimated that 26,90,000 people contracted TB in that year according to the report.