Fourth World Action



Sukurmuni became ill with TB for the second time. She came to Ekta Niketan for treatment. Sukurmuni survived. She warns others

about TB.

15 min.

gallery/city of gold 9

Set in Calcutta, this video was filmed about 20 years ago. Waste pickers are busy in streets or in city’s waste dump sites. Calcutta is Kolkata and is fast becoming a modern city. Have the lives of those featured in this film changed?

13 min.

gallery/kasari 1

Dasarath Kasari lives in a tribal village in India. Using ancient traditional craft, Kasaris make bronze items to sell in villages. Plastic and aluminum factory products have now taken over their handmade items. Kasaris not search for work in factories or on building sites as migrant labourers. 34 min.

gallery/fourth world

Within the Third World there is another world – a Fourth World. People in the Fourth World are deprived of their basic rights and necessities  – they are most neglected and forgotten.