Fourth World Action is a UK-based charity that promotes the voice of neglected people across the world and protects their rights. The charity focuses on indigenous communities living in deprived areas who often lack basic necessities, proper healthcare, education and a safe environment to live. Fourth World Action supports initiatives that benefit deprived communities in India, researches that look into the impacts of mines and industries on such communities and stand by those who defend their rights.

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Covid & Ekta Niketan:

Covid Care


Covid & injustice:

Ekta Niketan is a health centre in a remote tribal

village in India. Village health workers, trained to diagnose and treat TB, run the centre. Now they are busy organising meetings in villages, raising awareness about Covid and encouraging villagers to stock rice grains for needy families if the pandemic becomes out of hand.


While governments across the world are grappling with

measures to save lives from the Covid pandemic, the Indian governemt ignores the well-being of marginalised people and political activists in prisons. The government announced 'strict' lockdown without giving any time for thousands of migrant workers to return their home states; and, has sent more activists to crowded prisons during the pandemic portraying them as anti-nationals. Amnesty International has described them as national 'heroes' for their work for the rights of India's poor, and has appealed the government for their release. Fourth World Action condemns such actions of the Indian government. Read more ...

An Appeal

Amnesty International India

Covid Care


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