small actions lasting impacts


Within the Third World, there exists two worlds: that of the affluent and the rich, and that of the poor. We use the term Fourth World to describe the world of the poor, be it in the rich affluent countries or in the 'poor' Third World.


In the Fourth World social trends sustain poverty and injustice, people therein are neglected and forgotten. Many Third World countries, previously differentiated from the richer First World have, in recent years, experienced rapid economic growth. However, the lives of the poor remain unchanged. The growing wealth benefits a select few, resulting in a widening poverty gap. There are communities in which people continue to live in dire conditions; those living in the Fourth World are deprived of basic necessities and rights.

We are a UK-based small charity that promotes the rights of marginalised populations in India, particulary the adivasi (indigenous) communities living in remote rural areas. We believe in simple actions that empower communities to protect their culture and rights and ensure living with dignity.


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