Ekta Niketan:

Empowering TB patients in remote Tribal villages

EKTA NIKETAN is a TB centre in the middle of a tribal village in India where a group of villagers diagnose, treat and advise TB patients, and are skilled to keep records just as in an institution in a city. It is a TB centre unlike other TB centres.

The centre was built over 30 years ago with generous contributions from the surrounding villages. Like most houses in the village, the centre is a mud house with basic facilities. Most TB patients at Ekta Niketan are very thin and weak; often they spend all their money at local jhola doctors or private doctors in town. To attend Ekta Niketan patients make long journeys - bus, train, auto-rickshaw, motor bike, bi-cycle or by foot. Ekta Niketan reaches the unreached.


Despite advances in medical science to diagnose and treat tuberculosis, the disease continues to spread worldwide and is now a serious public health threat.

Tuberculosis is more than a medical condition. It is a perfect example of an imperfect society that thrives on inequality, injustice and the lack of access to development opportunities for all.

At Ekta Niketan we are committed to control to spread of tuberculosis, particularly in areas where populations have little opportunities and access to services.

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