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Fourth World Action

Fourth World Action

Fourth World is another world within the world we live in – a world that politicians, policy makers, and development experts – governmental and non-governmental, are far removed from. People in the Fourth Word live in extreme poverty – they are deprived of basic needs and rights. Such a world exists both in richer countries as well as in developing countries or the so-called Third World. People in the Fourth World are usually forgotten and neglected. Fourth World Action is committed to changing this reality.

Fourth World Action, a UK-based small charity, was first set up in 1995 to support a community-based health centre in a tribal village in India. It continues to support the centre, Ekta Niketan, which has now become a popular centre for TB patients from the surrounding villages in the area.

We work with professionals and activists in India who believe in simple practical actions. We are committed to make a difference to those living within the Fourth World.

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“Now it is one year since I completed my treatment at Ekta Niketan TB Centre. I now feel good. But I want to tell you that TB is very dangerous. If not careful, TB will destroy your house, your children.”

Sukurmuni tells other villagers at a meeting in 2018. For Sukurmuni's story, click below.


People lack proper healthcare, education and basic rights to live. They are neglected and usually forgotten. For a song from Ekta Niketan TB Centre, click here.


Your donation will help change lives of people who are neglected and marginalised.

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