TB Care in Community

After years of training, supervision and experience, Ekta Niketan's village health workers are well equipped to examine sputum samples under a microscope and make accurate diagnoses of Tuberculosis and dispense medicines.

Health workers with a minimal education are trained to keep detailed records of patients - their psycho-social status and economic needs.

Empowering Villagers


Sunita is coordinates the work and is responsible for patient education in medication compliance and nutrition.

She records patients’ details including socio-economic status for benefit assessment and monitoring purposes.

Tikla is one of Ekta Niketan’s longest serving health workers and main clinician. He is trained to diagnose TB from clinical assessment alongside sputum microscopy. He prescribes TB medication and educates patients on their course of treatment. He, along with Sunita, consults with Ekta Niketan's doctor when necessary. He conducts outreach visits for patient follow up.

Hireshwar is the clinic’s microscopist. He is trained to use a microscope to diagnose TB from sputum samples. He is Government TB programme (NTEP) liaison.

He also manages medication procurement and provides accounts support.

Siwan is responsible for patient registration and triage, making an initial assessment as to whether the patient has TB symptoms.

He maintains a computerised TB patient register and follow up record for analysis.

He is responsible for video consultation with Ekta Niketan’s doctor - sending photos, patient form, X-rays etc.

Khiloni is Ekta Niketan’s housekeeper and cook. She manages food supplies and makes sure everyone is fuelled with tea and lunch on clinic days.

Gudur is Ekta Niketan’s gardener and property maintenance manager. He is the overnight caretaker and informs the local community of any upcoming meetings and events.

Birender, himself a TB patient at Ekta Niketan, joined to help maintain records. Now he is responsible for the TB register, also for dispensing anti-TB drugs. He manages with his one arm and rides bi-cycle 30 kilometres to come to work.